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Friday, 23 June 2017

3. Are you pleased with the footage and your finished? Is it how you expected it to look? What works really well and what would you change?

My finished remake edit.

I am very pleased with our finished edit. I think that we got the cuts right, and that the grading was particularly subtle  but good.

Shot before grading (notice colour difference
with original shot in the bottom right hand corner).
Shot after grading (three-way colour
corrector is most noticably used tool here).

It pretty much looks the same as I was expecting, although some of the movements our actors do are different from the ones in the original video. Additionally, most of our shots had slightly different lighting to the ones in the actual video. For example, in our close ups of all the cool kids, our lighting is coming from the wrong side of the face, which created a very different type of shadow to the ones in the video. Additionally, a lot of our shots were much darker than the ones int he actual video, which made it difficult to grade sot hat it looked like the actual video. However, I am glad they were too bright rather than too dark, as grading dark shots to look lighter would have made them very grainy. I was really impressed with some of our shots, that ended up looking almost identical to the actual video.

Shot after grading (lower contrast used
in ProcAmp).
Shot before grading (too bright).

I think that Sian's lip syncing went very well, and we matched it up very well to the music. We did this by putting the full length unedited shots in separate tracks and then lip syncing those. We then made those tracks invisible so they wouldn't get in the way of the video, and then we used the razor tool to cut out the bits we needed and dragged them down onto the visible tracks. This meant we didn't have to keep spending ages syncing Sian's lip sync with the music in the video. I think that if I were to do this project again, I might have graded all of the singing shots before dragging them down into position, as it would have been much quicker, and it would have given me more time to be able to get the grading perfect. However, I think that could end up going wrong if the lighting in any shots changes during the video.

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