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Friday, 22 December 2017

Construction Post 3: Week 3 Production

We spent the third week of production taking any final promo shots for our website and social media pages out and about on location. This included having the band members be in costume and going out and taking photos in various locations. We chose a park as one of our locations as it shows the more human side of our band members, extended the authenticity of our band, as well as a bus stop for another location, which helps with the authenticity and emphasises the fact that we are based in London, which will help to appeal more to our London audience. We were able to use Emilio's Nikon camera and various lenses to take the photos, which meant we got a nice variety of professional standard shots with different depths of focus to help the shots synergise with our band's brand and aesthetic.

Casey and Hugh Tyler in a tree.
Our audience feedback showed that these photos were specifically relatable to a London audience, making the band seem more authentic and appealling. They also thought the band seemed really cool in their outfits around suburban areas.
Our teachers both said that these promo shots showed a great deal of personality from our band members, therefore appealing to our audience by creating voyerism.

Hught Tyler in front of a bus.
  • I learned how to use some of the different lenses that Emilio had brought, which I found very interesting and useful. This has widened my knowledge of photography and has allowed me to have a greater understanding of photo composition and style.
  • We needed to stay safe when shooting with an expensive camera on location, so we stayed mostly in open public spaces and we were well-behaved around other members of the public.
  • Tom was not available for this shoot session, so we had to work around that by mostly taking shots of Hugh and Casey, as they are siblings and the front members of the band. 
  • I took photos of Emilio and Jack when I was not in the shots, including some of Guy Chapman on the swing.
  • I modelled in many of the shots that involved Casey.
  • I helped to choose locations for the shots that were appropriate and safe for our shoot.
  • I helped to plan and direct our shots so they looked authentic and suited our brand.

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